Angelique Pearson, preferably known as Angie, was born and raised in the heart of New York. At an early age she was exposed to the fashion industry, where her cousin - who graduated from Philadelphia University, and majored in design for wedding dresses - showed her the in's and out's of this forever evolving industry. It sparked an interest that would shape the career path Angie ultimately chose.

Angie began her college education at the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. It was always an interest of hers to network and help people with their image and overall branding. Now, working within the fashion industry, with jobs ranging from retail, wholesale,and marketing she's been able to network with people from different career paths and goals. Nothing would bring her more joy than to empower women, as well as connecting them with others - bridging the gap to create opportunities that aren't always there for women of color and ethnicities.