Brittany aka The Idea Girl



Originally, Brittany’s business Idea was called “The New Black Wall Street,” Where her mission was to start a community to help black owned businesses grow and flourish. She exclusively worked with people of color and helped them organize their goals and objectives.

Brittany has worked on many projects,but the one that stood out to us the most was “Brown Bodies: A Journey of Acceptance” which was in collaboration with Courtney Miles, founder of Build and Brunch.

L+A: Tell us about the event you worked on - “Brown Bodies”.

With social media being such a huge part of our lives, especially as a creative, and as a woman in general we scroll and compare ourselves to other women and sometimes we can be cruel to ourselves by overanalyzing our own bodies. So the creation of “Brown Bodies” was such a beautiful concept where it allowed women [in particularly black women] to be open and start a conversation about body image and how it affects them.

“Women cried because there’s so much pain we internalized. From either being teased, being negative, or insecurities.”

Brittany herself was open enough to share some struggles she had gone through as a black woman; working not only in a corporate setting, but also in the fashion industry. She was afraid to wear her natural hair out and being called “ghetto” by a manager, and then getting transferred to a lower division. Time has healed her pain and she no longer dwells on it . But now, she is able to speak up when she feels or hears any type of disrespect.

“I internalized it and went from job to job thinking I wasn’t good enough – and that’s a problem, because it led to anxiety and depression”

Brittaney is super health conscience and is able to express her thoughts and emotions through journal writing - where she is able to release her feelings that become overwhelming. Yoga is also something that plays a big part in her life, where she actually brought two friends together to create "soga" ( a yoga and soca music class).

“I like to be that link to bridge the gap between creatives”

You can catch more about Brittany’s creation on and contact her if you’re thinking about developing a business venture, need help designing a website, or need brand consultation. She’s a girl that wears many hats.

“I am grateful that people choose to work with me and believe in my vision”.

Photo Credit: Brittany Antoinette